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Monday, July 26, 2010

Meal Planner

I came across this lovely free printable meal planner on Ollibird and I loved the idea so I decided to finally get myself organised and use it.

I took it up to the local print shop and had it printed and laminated there, so now I can write my meal plan on it with a white board marker and just wipe clean and start again then next week.

So far I'm loving it, no more umming and aahing over what to cook only to realise I don't have half the ingredients plus forgot to defrost the meat. Now I can plan my weekly shop, and just glance at the meal planner to know what's happening.

I'm also think this is a nice little gift idea, so I may design my own planner to print in the future so I can include it in kitchen tea gifts etc :D

My meal planner in action

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