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Life is busy but I still love making special pieces for special people. If there is something you'd like please do send an e-mail to me at tanja.pearce@gmail.com and we can chat

Monday, July 6, 2009


A while back someone sent me a knitting pattern for a cute little character called Sackboy, from a game called LittleBigPlanet.

They asked if I could make one for them but I said unfortunately I didn't know how to knit anything besides a severely wonky scarf.

Forward a couple month, I asked my talented master-knitter mother to show me how to actually knit, and asked her if the pattern would be a hard one to follow. She said it was actually very simple, so I gave it a go.

Here's the result, it's not too bad for a first try...he's a little ramshackle but my son seems to love him as is.

I'm busy working on my second one, which is hopefully going to be much neater, for the kind sender of the pattern :)