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Update August 2016:

Life is busy but I still love making special pieces for special people. If there is something you'd like please do send an e-mail to me at tanja.pearce@gmail.com and we can chat

Monday, January 21, 2013

Babe in hands

A gift for the lovely lady who helps babies into this world with gentle hands

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hola...it's been a while!

While I was closed over the festive season, a heaven sent blot of lightening ensured that I had no choice but to focus on my family and we had a really lovely time.

It was nice to get our internet back earlier this week though and catch up on all my e-mails etc, just my apologies in the delay to all those who were waiting during this period!

I mainly decluttered over the holiday but I did get a few other projects around the house done.

I reupholstered the little telephone seat in our entrance hall


I also used some fabric & cornflower paste to "wallpaper" the glass cabinet in our kitchen.  It was so easy I am now eyeing out all sorts of surfaces around that I can apply fabric too!