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Life is busy but I still love making special pieces for special people. If there is something you'd like please do send an e-mail to me at tanja.pearce@gmail.com and we can chat

Monday, February 13, 2012

Firmly back in computer land

I'm back, with my very own laptop...yay!!!

But that said we're excitedly awaiting the arrival our new baby any time between now (mid Feb) and mid March. As labour and newborns are a little unpredictable please bear with me over the next little while if I disappear for a few days or don't respond to mails immediately. I'm hoping to still be able to help my lovely and valued customers, but I hope you'll also understand if my attention is needed elsewhere during this time.

And here's a few things from the last week.

Book of love

Bunch of cutlery orders, local & etsy


  1. Oh Tanja, I can't wait to give the book to the lucky recipient - I am sure she will love it even more than I do. Beautiful work - thank you from the bottom of my heart! xxx

  2. Love the book pendant.....