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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My first pair of Socks!

I was inspired by this book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to try my hand at knitting a pair of socks.

I decided they would make a great gift for my Mom cause she'd appreciate the work I put into them, so off I went to Arthur Bales and found the most gorgeous soft cashmere wool. I didn't want anything itchy on my Mom's feet!

Then I found this beautiful pattern on Ravelry called Francie which called for knitting with 4/5 needles...eek!!!

But all's well that ends well, they didn't turn out perfect but I was happy with my first attempt at socks, and Mom seemed pretty happy when she opened her pressie while we were on holiday :D

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  1. Well done! I'm sure your mom is going to love them, especially in winter :)