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Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Studio/Office/Mess Room

I have to share this cause it's just awesome!

The other day my Dad was visiting when some equipment was delivered, the kids were climbing into it so he helped me move it to my studio...only to arrive and find no place to put it. I just told him to dump it on the floor and I'd find a spot for it later, and mentioned I probably needed to put up some shelves.

Lo and behold 4 days later he calls and asks if he can install my shelves!

We were off to a wedding so I just said he was welcome to come around but we wouldn't be there...well I got home to this!See all that stuff on all the shelves...well that was all on top of or under the desk...this is sooooooo much better I can't even begin to describe.

And this is just phase one apparently!!!

Thank you so much my wonderful Dad!

Now I just need to decide what to do to make them look prettier...I was thinking wallpaper...there are some droolishious wallpapers out there and with our textured walls we can't use them, so this might be the perfect opportunity!

Oh and some pretty baskets to store stuff in instead of old apple and wine boxes!

Now all I need is a bit of time to actually go wallpaper browsing :)

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  1. aaaaaaaaah that is so special I ♥ dads, sounds like you got a great one