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Friday, August 13, 2010

A highchair makeover

When we were expecting out first, we were kindly gifted with a highchair, but sadly I was less than charmed as the thing was really quite ugly, not to mention covered in dried on food and dirt. I half heartedly set about cleaning it, and decided the awful colour had to go do, so began sanding it down.

Then I realised the arms don't fit under our dining room table, and there was no tray or harness...so in fact it was out. I happily discarded the chair and went out and bought a beautiful svan which made me happy.

Fast forward to kid number 2 and her taking over the svan...the eldest was not charmed, and our benches are too low for him too. I started investigating solutions when the old half sanded chair caught my eye and I was suddenly inspired. I was convinced I could make it pretty, not to mention our budget is very tight and couldn't stretch to a matching svan.

I already had some leftover paint, so for the price of a bit of ski rope and some glaze we got a new chair and my son is very pleased with it. In fact he's taken to watching the tv in it too LOL. Now without further ado, here's the chair makeover :)

I never got a pic a few years back but believe me when I say the situation was dire!
Here's me just starting with the first coat of paint.

2 coats of blue later

3 coats of offwhite later

Many hours of sanding & 2 coats of gloss later (and hours of wondering what had possessed me to do this in the first place LOL)

And finally with the seat in place

I'm happy, my child is happy...happy endings all around, which is just the way we like it :)

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