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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Using My New Bits & Bobs

I have to tell you that it's been terrible, since I got my new stuff the whole family has been afflicted with the most dreadful flu, with added bonus of bronchitis, so I've had virtually no time at all to play :(
Please pray we survive the rest of the week, I've just about had enough and now DH and baby are looking worse for wear...sigh

I did manage to perk up a little on Sunday (before the near death I felt on Monday) and got a few things done to show you. So let's forget about all that tiresome sick stuff and move onto nicer prettier things!

So here is an example of what I can do with the sterling silver blanks.
I used one of my new fonts below, it's a 1/16" font size so I can fit more characters on than with my older font.

Here's a washer with my new font, which is lowercase and 1/8" in size, which is the same size as the original uppercase font I use

And here is a set of the children's cutlery using the new font

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