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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Parcel day

I had some parcels arrive this week...I LOVE parcels...so much of an excitement!!!

Inside the little one were two little pairs of shoes for my Blythe girls...and they're just perfect.
And this was inside the big one...
Open the lid...
And look who was hiding under the booklet...
My first BJD - a perfect Littlefee Ante from Fairyland!
She's a special girl who I saw last year and fell in love with...since then I've been saving up to buy my own
When a few weeks ago her previous owner offered to let me adopt her...and who could say no to this face?
I'd knitted this little jersey before she arrived and luckily it fit perfectly
And matches her beautiful eyes
This morning I whipped up a pair of leggings and then she joined me on the couch for a bit
She's the first BJD I've had the pleasure of seeing in person and she's even better than I could have guessed. The joints are amazing and the range of movement is unbelievable and so realistic...she sits, stands, slouches...whatever I want really!

Now I'm just waiting for her to let me know what hair she'd like and tell me what her name is :)

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  1. Gosh! she's so marvellous! and if you don't like her hair, I'm ok to buy them for my own doll! ; )