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Friday, March 2, 2012

Caught a bug...

...in fact I caught two.

Just as well baby hasn't made a move yet!

First my son reminded me that the baby had no where to sit and I'd promised to make a bean bag for him/her. True enough, so I pulled out the sewing machine and before I knew it I had the sewing bug...I finished off the bean bag and made a nice snuggly blanket for my daughter for the up coming winter (not pictured)

Then my daughter wanted to change her doll's clothes, and I decided it was high time Bella had another dress that actually fit her, so I made her a simple peasant style dress out of an old t-shirt of mine.

And last but not least, I couldn't leave my poor girls out while I was busy with dolly sewing, so I made this little dress.
The second bug hasn't been quite so pleasant, a nice head cold...ugh...but the worst is over and I feel like I can have a baby again...so come baby, come...we're all waiting for you!!!

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