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Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet Dorian

I finally got a chance to "play" with one of my dolls this weekend and plucked up the courage to take some sandpaper to her.

And so here's my little Dorian!

She's been sand matted, had a wee bit of carving don on her lips and nostrils and had her makeup redone with chalk pastels.
I sealed her face but still want to add some freckles...which I have no had any luck with as yet...boohoo
She also got 3 new sets of eye chips, some new eyelashes and had a haircut as well as a slight gaze adjustment.

I may change her makeup again and do some more gaze correction, but am seeing how she grows on me first for a bit. I am not loving her eyelashes, I may have to change those soon!

Here are her stock pink chips
New lilac chips
New blue chips (although I'm sure the ones I ordered were a lot lighter the ones that arrived are a very close colour to her stock chips...when I order again I'll be ordering a lighter blue for her.
Grey Chips
And here she is modelling a little dress I made for her - slowly starting to come to grips with the intricacies of sewing teeny tiny clothing.

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