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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oops, I did it again...

So I picked up a parcel yesterdayAnd yes, I did again...except this time x 2

Simply Vanilla

Simply Chocolate

My 2 girls together

These two will definitely be getting a makeover so stayed tuned, I'm just waiting for some supplies before I get stuck in.


  1. are these the same as the Little Pet Shop dolls? i see they are also called Blythe

  2. Hey Barb,

    Yes, the little pet shop has done a collaboration with the Blythe dolls :)

  3. Kara is getting a LPS Blythe for Christmas - since she is obsessed with the animals.

    I googled them a bit and read the history of them being discontinued for being creepy looking and thought "how silly" and while still reading rafe walked up behind me and said "That doll looks eeeeevil" *eye roll*. He says the LPS one is pretty lol. The only real difference is the eyes, this one has lids and the lashes are down the LPS has no lids and painted upward lashes (wide eye look).

  4. Did you also buy them from Bid or Buy?