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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I made my own!!!

So today I finally sat down and did a wee bit of work and I'm very happy to say I am no longer at the whim and mercy of suppliers but can now make my very own pendants...WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!

The pendants are all 100% made by me, including the findings.
Everything is sterling silver, with the exception of the stringing wire which is nylon coated stainless steel...but the clasps etc on the cord will all be sterling silver.

Now just to give the "web dev" a poke in the ribs and hopefully we'll have the website up and running properly in the next few millennia :P

And I have to sit down and do the boring stuff like the costings...but while I'm busy with that you can take a peek at what I'm up to!

The disc cutter!
And some of the discs (& a wee moon) ready for stamping
Sterling silver jumprings
And what my initial charms turned out like.
The discs are 12.5mm and are slighly cupped

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