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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So this week has seen the last of the already made pendants I bought go on out

And I finally found 5 minutes to try out my new equipment to make my own pendant for a very patient friend of mine who has been waiting for months now... sorry and I hope your guys are happy with their pendants!
And then tonight is book club, and not only is it book club but it's CHRISTMAS PARTY BOOK CLUB!!!
I am so excited, pretty much all my favorite things are going to be together, books, wine, champagne, good company, good food and of course crackers and presents...YAY!!!

And in the spirit of Christmas I decided to make a little something for everyone in our little club...sometimes that one night out a month keeps me sane, so thanks guys and have a fab Christmas!


  1. The bookmarks look awesome!!

  2. Thanks Tanja! it was such a stunning surprise!