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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Children's Cutlery Sets with Knives!


I hear you exclaim, but fear not, there's little to no chance (read negative a 100% chance) of your child severing a finger or their favourite toy's head with this one. But it is a nice way to introduce your child to eating with a knife safely!

I posted excitedly a few weeks ago when I found a few of these knives in a local shop, and they have proved to be very popular. Luckily I had my mother scout out a bit more stock for me and we quickly snapped them up. So if you'd like to order a complete set of cutlery including a knife they are still available at R105 each excluding postage.

Sadly I am unable as yet to add them to my website as the "back end" is still not functioning and I dare not harass my flustered programmer to much at the moment. I DO however very much look forward to being able to edit my site myself once it is complete ;)

And here's what they look like
A bunch ready to go

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