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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My studio has a new tenant!

So a couple posts ago I mentioned my fruitless journey to obtain some silver discs, well on that same trip I happened across the most gorgeous toyshop called Kinderspiel.
Of course having 2 small children and Christmas coming up I just HAD to go in.

I'd already decided my baby girl was going to get a doll for Christmas as she doesn't have one, and when I saw their Kathe Kruse dolls I knew I'd found the right ones. I spent an age going through all the different ones before settling on one and now have it safely tucked away for a few months time :)

However, in the process I fell in love with one myself, but a grown women buying an overpriced rag doll for herself just seemed a bit overboard, so I hightailed it out of there and spent several hours stuck in traffic instead.

After listening to me talk about the doll all weekend my husband finally convinced me that I did in fact need her and it wasn't that silly a grown woman wanting a doll (said with slightly rolly eyes), and today she arrived. So now I have a little company in the studio/office while I'm busy!

The little note that came with her says:
Our "water doll" with her light blue dress & dolphin pendant covers the area of life regarding "career". This refers not only to the business career but also to the setting of life's goals and maintaining of life's tasks."
So pretty appropriate I think :)

And here she is

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